2011 – Major Stokem III (three, 3, troi, san, tres, the third, da turd)

The third annual Major Stokem race was held at Ross Dock Landing in Edgewater / Ft. Lee, NJ.  A promo video http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=1790559057633&set=vb.130700250289989&type=3

And some great coverage thanks to Push Culture News http://thisispushculture.com/race-coverage/major-stokem-3


Skatehouse Media http://www.skatehousemedia.com/04/12/2011/major-stokem-3-2011


Bergen County Bombers prize for winners of Major Stokem 3, www.majorstokem.wordpress.com, was a downhill experience tour with Adam Dabonka, Pat Schep and Max Myers, winner of Men’s Division.  Alicia Godbout, winner of Woman’s division was unable to attend the session.

Major Stokem
2011 – Major Stokem III
2012 – Major Stokem IV
2013 – Major Stokem V
2014 – Major Stokem VI

Were you at Major Stokem 3?


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