Major Stok’em

After skating the Palisades Cliffs from Edgewater to Alpine, for several months, Barnhart saw videos on youtube of a group of skaters having an organized race in the exact same spot frequented!  So he reached out to one of the organizers, Keith Rehborn who introduced Adam Dabonka.  It turns out that the two with the help of Pat Schep had hosted two previous events at this venue called, Major Stokem, I and II, Right away Adam and Tom were enthusiastic to work together and became good friends and partners in crime. Major Stokem III was in fact, Barnhart’s first competitive downhill race and the addiction set in.  To this day, Major Stokem is many enthusiasts entry into NYC downhill racing and is still a fun hill to race for the more experience racer and a legend for all and has been featured on television, most notably TruTv’s “The Dumbest” Series

Major Stokem
2011 – Major Stokem III

2012 – Major Stokem IV
2013 – Major Stokem V
2014 – Major Stokem VI

Which was your favorite event?
Events Presents “ACME Extreme Downhill – A Bergen County Bomber Production
Bergen County Bomber Extreme Downhill Experience – The Bus Tours
Major Stokem
My First Bike Ride with Everybody
Event Participation and Support


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