Event Participation

Never professed to be the best skater and was never on a podium, but did win a set of wheels at The Mustache Derby for having a real mustache, lol… and won a couple raffles too! – Tom Barnhart


Major Stokem
Mustache Derby
Wyndam – I love DH
Penn State Downhill
Central Mass
Soldiers of Downhill
Push Culture Picnic – Burke, VT
and others


Central Park Race,
Broadway Bomb,
Blue Sky Mile.
Broadstreet Bomb
Poconos Raceway
and others

If you have an event where you are seeking support and/or participants, let’s collaborate because two can get done twice as much as one, imagine what an entire team of professionals will accomplish.

Longboardloft.com Presents “ACME Extreme Downhill – A Bergen County Bomber Production
Bergen County Bomber Extreme Downhill Experience – The Bus Tours
Major Stokem
My First Bike Ride with Everybody
Event Participation and Support


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