2011 – 28 Passenger Bus Tour

The first bus tour started as a project for the Concrete Wave Longboard Expo at the Longboard Loft as a source of entertainment for the visiting out of towners and to let them know we have a vibrant downhill scene just outside of Manhattan. Bergen County Bombers flit the bill for entrants of the Expo and non exhibitors paid $35 to board a 28 passenger bus with dedicated (non-English speaking) driver and a film crew… thanking Kareem Hamdi (Kareem Cheese!) for his edit,  http://youtu.be/z4iptb3F1Pw We hill hopped a dozen locations around the New York City Metro and New Jersey, The Dirty!

The final run in Harriman State Park was a 55 mph run at dusk. A few people crashed and we couldn’t find a board… here is that story and testimonial for Rayne Longboards called, “Rivers of Harriman!”… ENJOY! http://youtu.be/eKM7Nk-zCfc

Bergen County Bomber Extreme Downhill Expereience – “The Bus Tours”
2011 – 28 Passenger Bus Tour
2012 – The Second Annual Bus Tour
2013 – Third Annual Bus Tour

What are your ideas for a gnar tour?


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