ACME Extreme Downhill – The Course

ACME Extreme Downhill takes place on Skyline Drive, Elks Memorial Park, Port Jervis, New York. The venue is one way in and one way out, no intersections and only one business at the top of the hill that may need access. The course is just under one mile long, excellent road surface and technical. Average speed exceeds the low 40’s (mph) with several small turns and undulating topography that features two 180 degree hairpins, one to the right, the other to the left. The course will accommodate a wide variety of skill sets because of the width of the hairpins. A lessor skilled rider will do just fine slamming into these turns because they are so wide, you will wash out forever and not go off course. The advanced racer will drift the turns without losing speed and accelerating out of each curve. Skyline Drive is one of the best sanctioned venues on the east cost and ACME Extreme Downhill leads the way and setting new standard for east coast downhill racing.

From the brilliance of Tom Novak:
Raw Run –
Closed Road Test –

Something hot is melting the East Coast Downhill Scene


detailed map of the venue, train, parking, shuttle bus, hotels, camping, hospital, etc.


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