Bergen County Bombers


If you ain’t addicted to downhill, then you ain’t doing something right!

Bergen County Bombers started as a facebook page, almost as a joke, designed to divert skateboarding away from Tom Barnhart’s main facebook page because at that time 99.9 percent of his facebook friends were not interested in skateboarding and he didn’t want  to be the person that the moment  you see their name you already know what they will post.


And so a virtual community began to grow online and offline.  At the same time, Barnhart participated in his first push race, The Central Park Race and met many of the personalities in the New York City longboard scene. He learned that there was another real life skate group in parallel existence with Bergen County Bombers digital group and began skating with Concrete Kings whose meet up was at Columbus Circle, and then they would push to various skate spots with dozens of skaters in tow, cruising through traffic and always talk of the anticipated “Broadway Bomb!” it was on a trip to Huntington, NY where Tom developed a high level of respect and admiration for Solomon Lang and wanted to become the Sullyman of Downhill!

From there Tom started inviting skaters from NYC who had extraordinary skating skills to come skate big scary huge monster hills! Within a matter of several months more than 130 people were invited to come skate his gnarborhood in Bergen County, New Jersey. and


The neighborhood invites became so successful that it became a Sunday Speedy Sundays became a re-occurring event from 2010 to 2012. The convenient meet up spot for those skating over the George Washington Bridge was on Palisades Cliffs, the Dirty (New Jersey) side of the Hudson River.

The progression of the new crews’ skills took many of them to different circles while Barnhart’s progression was in the form of bigger, badder hills.

Some highlights:

– Took dozens of inner city kids to skate mountains for their first time, many of which in a matter of months became the top skaters in the area and up and comers on a much more grand scale

– Provided locations for Bustin Boards and was featured in their Ibach video.

– Featured in New York Times Style Section and big ups to the generosity of Rob Rodriguez for making several personal introductions.

– Took Patrick Switzer to our wittle mountain runs and didn’t know he was number one Stand Up in the world and other favorite skate personalities, Brian Bishop, Mr. AD Smooth and The Davenport Twins,  too. Got a couple videos uploaded before a hard drive failed. Lots of good footy on a frozen hard drive… HELP!

Tom Barnhart
Bergen County Bombers


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